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Every day interesting Spanish dishes in our restaurant

Tapas dishes are a Spanish cuisine that are typically small in size and meant to be shared. A customer can order one or many of these dishes depending on what they like to eat.

– Patatas bravas: fried potatoes drenched with a spicy tomato sauce.

– Croquetas: deep-fried rolls made out of mashed potatoes, eggs, and ham or other meats.

– Patacon: typically eaten as an appetizer, patacon is a sandwich made out of plantains that’s fried until crispy and then sliced into thin pieces.

– Calamares: deep-fried squid rings served with lemon juice, mayonnaise, and a side dish of garlic sauce.

– Pinchos morunos: skewers of seasoned meat (typically lamb) roasted on a vertical rotisserie.

Tapas is a type of Spanish appetizer, consisting of various small dishes, typically skewered on a toothpick. Tapas are customarily served as one or more small plates to accompany drinks and other foods at bars or restaurants. In Spain, it is illegal to serve tapas after 23:00, so as not to spoil diners’ appetites for the next day’s meals.

The menu in our restaurant offers a wide variety of these spanish dishes for those who want to explore their culinary options. From traditional spanish bar food like croquetas and tarts to more adventurous dishes such as seafood paella and prawns with rice and garlic sauce.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, but our specialties are wines, beers and cocktails.

Tapas are a common Spanish dish that is often served at the bar/restaurant to be eaten with drinks or as appetizers. It is made up of either small portions of different types of food (often meats, cheese, bread for dipping), or various tapas may be arranged on top of one another to make a small tower.

We offer tapas in the Spanish style which are delicious and unique.

Here is a list of some of the most popular tapas and starters in our restaurant:

Pinchitos de camarón, Chorizo a la Sidra, Queso de Cabrales con membrillo, Croquetas de Bacalao con alioli ingles.

The menu at our restaurant has a variety of dishes that are diverse in terms of origin and cooking style. We have a wide selection of dishes from all over Spain – from Galicia to Catalonia. People are always intrigued by the dishes that they don’t know before ordering them – it’s always an adventure!

At Tapas Restaurant, we are proud to offer a delicious menu of Spanish tapas that have been enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Tapas is a small dish in which we can find a lot of flavor in every bite. We offer many interesting dishes that you will only find at our restaurant.

We recommend trying “pinchitos de boquerones” or “patatas brava”. These are just two fantastic dishes that will make your mouth water!

It’s hard to imagine a day without food. That’s why restaurants are really important. It is nice to be in the company of good friends, amazing food and tasty drinks. If you want to learn more about our menu and daily specials, come and try it out!

In a restaurant, the typical fare includes dishes called tapas, which are small portions of hors d’œuvres or appetizers.

Tapas are little snacks served in bars, restaurants, or tapas bars. The word tapa means “to cover” and refers to the practice of covering a drink with a small dish.

Different regions in Spain have different traditional dishes that are also called tapas. For example, patatas bravas which is fried potatoes with brava sauce and aioli dip is one of the most famous tapa dishes from Catalonia while chorizo y queso which is cured sausage with cheese is popular in Madrid or tortilla española which is an omelette made of eggs and potatoes, very common throughout Spain.

The term can also refer to any appetizer-sized portion of any food served on a plate or as part of a larger dish for consumption at a table (appetizers).

We offer a wide range of Spanish tapas and other dishes which you can enjoy with the accompaniment of our beer, wine or sangria.

Below we have listed a few dishes that are available at our restaurant:

* Frituras de calamares

* Tortillas de patatas

* Bellota con tomate seco y aceite de oliva virgen extra

* Croquetas de jamón ibérico con manzanilla

The dish that is the most popular in our restaurant is our tortilla. It’s a type of Spanish omelette and it’s made with eggs, potatoes, onions, peppers and some salt.

We offer a wide variety of interesting dishes that are typical in Spain. One of the most popular ones would be our tortilla which is an omelette made with eggs and potatoes. Another one is called pan con tomate which is bread with tomato sauce on top.