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Do you like tapas? Try them in our restaurant

Tapas, also known as a dish in Spanish cuisine, is a dish that consists of small portions of different types of food. Tapa dishes are traditionally served in small portions on a plate or in a small dish that can be picked up by hand.

The word tapa refers to the lids of the jars and pots used to store food and wine, meaning “lid” or “cover”. The tapas dishes were originally chosen because they were easy to eat with the hands, like slices of bread dipped into soup.

Tapas may include olives, anchovies, cheese, eggs (often hard boiled), salads (e.g., chick peas), fruits (e.g., bananas), seafood (e.g., shrimp), meats, ham and sausage-types meats like chorizo or sobrassada)

Tapas is a typical dish in Spanish cuisine that consists of small portions of food. This dish is said to have originated in the Mediterranean coast of Andalusia. The people of the region would sit around, or near, a table called the “tapas” and eat little snacks.

Tapas can be broadly categorized into two types:

1) Spicy tapas: This includes foods like churros, fried fish and olives;

2) Non-spicy tapas: This includes foods like croquetas (potatoes), sponges (bread soaked in milk) and cured meats.

What are Tapas? Tapa is a cold snack or appetizer that goes well with drinks and is often served as bar food. It’s usually eaten on top of bread but it can also be served on crackers, toast points or small pieces of baguette called bocadillos. It may contain anything from cured ham to green

Tapas are a type of finger food or small dish in the Spanish and Catalan cuisines. They come from the verb “tapar”, which means “to cover”. Tapas originated in Spain as a quick snack that covers hunger between meals via snacks such as cheese and cured meats, olives, and small dishes like croquetas and tortilla española.

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Spanish cuisine has grown over time and today, it is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Spaniards were once fishermen but now they’re better known for their cooking skills!

Tapas is a traditional mexican dish. There are many varieties of tapas, but most of them are cold dishes that are often served as an appetizer.

The word “tapas” comes from the Spanish verb “tapar” which means “to cover.” This refers to the story that tapas were originally slices of bread or meat stored under other food items in kitchens to stop them from spoiling too quickly. This is even reflected in their name, which many think comes from the verb meaning “to cover” (tapar), with “ta-” coming from the word for pot (olla) and “-pas” coming from the word for slice (tapa).

Tapas are a choice of appetizers in Spanish cuisine. Tapas are prepared in small portions, and can be enjoyed as a starter or complemented with wine or beer. Tapas originated in Andalusia, the region of Spain near the Strait of Gibraltar.

The word “tapas” comes from the verb “tapar” which means “to cover”. This is because tapas will typically use bread to put over dishes to keep them warm while serving them. It is also believed that tapa was used as an ancient form of currency – this is because people would trade these for food and drinks.